As with most businesses, communication with our clients is critical. We were looking for the most cutting edge of technology as relates to our communicating with them. When we met with the DSM team, we felt it was the right move for the club as our membership has drastically increased and the need of communicating with them along with it. In the fall we changed over to Hosted Digital Phone through DSM & have never looked back. We are able to communicate more efficiently in and out of the office and can even have our clients reach us wherever we go in the country or around the world. The team at DSM has always been very easy to get a hold of and responsive to our needs. Our club has benefitted greatly from this relationship. Many thanks DSM team!

– Jodi Bartlett, General Manager, Halifax Club

“As a provider of 24×7 technical support, our phone system is key at Dynamic Hosting. We trust DSM 110% to provide and maintain our lines to ensure that we can meet client SLAs and focus on what we do best. Through the use of their VoIP platform, as well as their Trumobility solution, we are able to be truly available no matter where we go. I would highly recommend DSM to any business that wants to get real value from their phones.”

- Jacob Godin, General Manager, Dynamic Hosting

“I am very pleased to provide this letter of reference for DSM Tel. Admiral Administration is a leading global hedge fund administrator with offices in the Cayman Islands, Ireland and the United States. We recently set up an office in Halifax and went to market to acquire phone services for our rapidly growing and dynamic business. We were looking to harness the power of an IP-based phone system which we had experienced at our head office.

After careful consideration, we chose DSM for their ability to provide a flexible, full managed, hosted IP solution. The DSM solution eliminated the need for us to buy and manage a premise-based phone system and allowed us to easily set up new users as we grow. Through their easy to use administration portal we have full control to management the system ourselves and since the solution is fully managed DSM can log into our system remotely at any time to help me make any required changes.

I would not hesitate in recommending DSM Tel them for their advanced Digital Phone service, attention to details and customer service.”

- Ben Pershick, Managing Director, Admiral Administration (Canada) Limited

“We selected DSM Telecom to provide us with a new telephone system for our rapidly growing and dynamic business. We chose DSM over industry giants like Aliant and Cisco as DSM clearly differentiated themselves with their ability to listen to our needs and suggest a solution that showcased their technical acumen. DSM went well beyond our expectations in providing customer support and patience. DSM is truly an industry leader and we are very fortunate to have this leading-edge company in our own backyard. They offer a feature-rich, quality product and the customer support is industry leading. They are beyond responsive and nimble when we need them to be and their ROI model is very impressive as they saved STI nearly $200,000 over a five year period.”

- Steve Nicolle, CEO, smartSTI.com