Communication and Telecom Consulting Services

The DSM team can consult with you on all aspects of your communications needs. We understand that today’s modern companies are struggling to keep up with major shifts from traditional telephony to Internet-based communications. DSM is at the forefront of these new technologies and can help clients evaluate their options; getting the technology their business needs to stay ahead today.

Our team has the experience to guide you in evaluating full IP or hybrid solutions, allowing you to be connected anywhere from remote offices to road warriors. DSM can help you evaluate your communications options for integrating your wireline services to your company’s wireless devices. Solutions include enabling PDAs to be treated as IP phones, driving down expensive roaming and long distance charges.

Other services such as our billing analysis focus on saving you money. We offer you an unbiased, thorough analysis of your current telecommunications billing and services. The focus of our billing analysis is to identify ongoing billing errors or redundancies from your current Telco provider. DSM takes it a step further, ensuring that you are aware of the most up-to-date price plan options available.