Web Portal

Take control through our easy-to-use web portal, you have complete control over how your phone system is set up and used.

Find Me / Follow Me

Find Me Follow Me Allows subscribers to specify a list of numbers that are rung in sequence or simultaneously whenever their line is called.

International Calls from Mobile

Make international calls from your cell phone for a fraction of the cost. Instead of making direct calls through your mobile carrier, make a local call through the CommPortal.

Call Notification Screen Popup

Know the name of who is calling before you accept the call through a pop up in the lower corner of your screen. If you decide not to pick up, you can route the call to voicemail.

Click to Call

Return voice mail or place a new call directly from CommPortal or from Outlook contacts. Just highlight the number and click.

Incoming Call Manager

Personalize and structure the way you receive calls. By comparing incoming calls to a your contact and applying simple, configurable rule-set.

Remote Worker Support

Connect the business phone system to remote offices or at home workers.

Visual VoiceMail

Through the web portal and/or MS Outlook, all your messages are in one place. No more calling multiple voicemail numbers.

Auto Attendant

Premium Attendant is a subscriber-configurable automated receptionist service capable of handling thousands of calls each hour.

Speech to Text

Convert wireless and wireline network voicemail messages into email and deliver the transcription directly to a network subscriber’s screen of choice.

Single Number Reach

Turns your cell phone, home phone, or even hotel phone into your office phone. Any call you make from that phone is billed to your office. The caller ID shown is your office number.

Disaster Recovery

Allows you to have continuous communication even in a disaster. Office line can be automatically re-routed to another unaffected line.

MS Outlook Integration

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. Synchronize with local and global contact lists. Initiate calls directly from Outlook.

Fax to Email

Receive your faxes right into your email inbox, no phone line, no fax machine, no paper and no ink cartridges.