DSM TELECOM’S enhanced 911 (e911) service is a broadband phone's equivalent of 911 emergency services. traditional analog phones allow you to dial 911 and immediately display your phone number and address to the emergency call center operator. broadband phone service like dsm telecom’s, are portable and can be connected to any broadband internet connection around the world. e911 enables emergency services to have access to your location and phone number upon dialing 911. it is important that you keep this information up to date. if you move, we strongly advise you to fill out a new e911 emergency form. as a new dsm telecom customer, the national 911 contact centre will be updated with your current business address and phone number information.

When moving or changing addresses it is extremely important to re-register your new address with dsm telecom. change of address information can be performed by connecting to “commportal,” via email, or phone to our support center.

Changed addresses not registered with dsm telecom, will result in emergency services being dispatched to the previous registered location. we highly encourage you to register your change of address information immediately after moving.

Taking the time to provide us with your address information is extremely important. it allows us to pass this pertinent information on to 911 services. as mentioned above, when dialing 911 without registering your phone number and address, 911 services will be unable to recognize the origination of the call. with your address on registry 911 will be able to dispatch emergency resources to your location. should you get disconnected from 911, registering your phone number and location will provide the emergency response team an easy way to contact you.

Phone numbers and addresses not registered for e911 service will still be able to dial 911. however, 911 will not know your address or phone info. unregistered customers of dsm telecom should be prepared to give their phone number and address when dialing 911.

DSM TELECOM E911 service will not be available in the event of a power failure or broadband ip network outage. we encourage you to use your cellular phone in the unlikely event that these circumstances occur and 911 service is required.

Any calls made to E911 will always result in the E911 operator confirming your address.