Save money

Spend less time worrying about communications, budgets and vendors, which means spending more time growing your business. Eliminate large capital and maintenance costs. Moves, add-ons and changes are easily accomplished through our administrator interface or a quick call to DSM’s customer support.

Easy to learn and use

No more confusing star commands on your keypad. Your Digital Phone system features are all accessible through our easy to use “point and click” web interface.

Secure and reliable

Our carrier-grade equipment is both reliable and redundant, with back up power and secure facilities.

Bring it home

All of our Digital Phone business customers also have the option of switching their home phone to DSM Digital Phone. All the benefits of your office set up, in the comfort of your home.

Complete management

DSM provides full support from your desktop to your calling destination. Simply use our web-based interface to manage all your communications.


Unite all your workers, regardless of their physical location. Employees can access the full features of your hosted network anywhere, anytime.


Your network is simplified by combining voice and data on a single SIP Trunk. Plus, you eliminate the need for multiple carriers and connections.