How long does it take to set up an account?

Minutes! Contact us at DSM Telecom and we will instantly set up your account using our online application. Once completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to start using our conference services.

How do I make a conference call?

Send your participants the toll free access number and participant code with the time and date of your call. To begin the call, the moderator should dial in to the access number five minutes prior to the call and enter their code. Your conference call will begin immediately.

Do I have to sign a service contract?

No, DSM’s conferencing is a pay per use service. We do not see the need to restrict your freedom as a customer!

How do I record a conference call?

There are three ways to record a call:

  • Set your conference to automatically record every call (this feature can be enabled from your on line access.)
  • Press *2 when you are ready to begin recording.
  • Click on the record icon on your online management tool.

Do all participants require a conference code or just the leader?

For each conference, the moderator assigned will receive a permanent dial in number and two conference codes, a moderator code and a participant code. Provide the participant code to each of your conference participants along with the access phone number. You, the moderator would dial the same access phone number and enter your moderator code.

What is a web conference?

When two or more parties have the need to share information at the same time such as a power point presentation. Web conferencing allows all participants to see what you see anytime, anywhere.

What do I need to run Web Conferencing?

Any current web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

What kind of files, applications or slides can I share in a presentation?

There are two versions of web conferencing, web lite and web pro. Web lite allows you to share power point presentations while web pro allows you to share your desktop and all other applications.