Will my cell phone work with my Wi-Fi network?

Yes. If you’re mobile device is Wi-Fi enabled, chances are that it is compatible with our systems. We are constantly adding to a growing list of compatible mobile devices, so many in fact that we need to constantly update our list. Click here to view the list

I often travel to the US or Europe and need to pay for expensive cellular time. Will I be able to use my mobile device in foreign countries?

Yes. As long as you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, whether you are in a hotel in Amsterdam or sitting in your backyard, our Mobile Integration service provides you with the same connectivity and visibility as if you were in the office.

So, if I never leave a Wi-Fi area, I would never be charged for any cellular time?

Absolutely. If you place all of your cell phone calls within an accessible and reliable Wi-Fi area, you should never be charged for cellular time by your provider.