High Quality Telephone Service Meets Cost Effective Internet Technology

DSM Telecom services are based on the insight that the Internet offers the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Unlike the big telcos, this contemporary thinking influences each service we offer, and the carrier-grade network we’ve built. Yet, unlike substandard VoIP technology our systems come with the robustness, reliability, and security you expect of hard-wired systems. Our modern systems offer your business the best of both worlds: competitive rates and reliable technology.

Reliability and freedom: built in.

At DSM we believe your business deserves the best technology available. That’s why our comprehensive communications system is built with a mix of hard-wired robustness and wireless flexibility. Our system links to your office with a private, secure, and reliable internet-based connection. Then, we augment that lifeline with seamless wireless options that connect with “the cloud”, so you’re always connected to your business, whether you’re at home, off-site, or even overseas.

You save money because our system uses high quality wi-fi when available, sidestepping the big cellular companies.