DSM Telecom and Internetworking Atlantic Inc. Launch Joint Venture in Atlantic Canada

As published in The Chronicle Herald
November 13, 2014 – 7:23pm

A couple of Halifax telecom specialists will team up to provide advanced telephone services for business, institutional and government customers in Atlantic Canada.

Internetworking Atlantic Inc. and DSM Telecom have competed for years in this high-end of the telecom market.

They announced Thursday they will work together in the sector in a joint venture.

“There is no corporate merger involved here,” Bruce MacDougall, president of Internetworking Atlantic, said Thursday.

“We will each continue to develop other aspects of our businesses.

“We will work together in the commercial business communications market, where customers are looking for unified communications systems that include integration with their data systems.”

Each of the companies will continue to offer other data communications services and information technology services.

The joint venture allows them to work together on advanced telephone services.

“We are now competitive in all segments of the telephony market, including large business, government, and public-sector customers across Atlantic Canada,” MacDougall said.

The joint telephone venture will bring together the Metaswitch Unified Communications platform used by DSM Telecom and the extensive operational, network and data centre capabilities of Internetworking Atlantic, said a news release.

“Both companies had something important and unique to offer,” Dan Merzetti, president of DSM Telecom, said in the release.

Merzetti said the objective to enhance overall business communications for customers, which often exceed basic commercial telephone services.

Customers will have access to the expertise of an integrated support team, the companies said.

Internetworking Atlantic is a telecom and information technology services provider founded in 2002 that specializes on high-capacity Internet, full-service telephony, local cloud and data centre services, and information technology integration services.

DSM Telecom is an advanced IP telephone and unified communications provider that has been in operation since 2002.