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DSM Telecom and Internetworking Atlantic Inc. Launch Joint Venture in Atlantic Canada

As published in The Chronicle Herald November 13, 2014 – 7:23pm A couple of Halifax telecom specialists will team up to provide advanced telephone services for business, institutional and government customers in Atlantic Canada. Internetworking Atlantic Inc. and DSM Telecom have … Continue reading

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How VoIP Can Enhance Business Mobility

Voice over Internet Protocol technology converts voice from the sender into digital signals that translate to IP packets which are then transmitted and converted to telephone signal if the receiver has a regular telephone.  It’s a new technology – but … Continue reading

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10 Essential Phone Communication Tips for Business Success

For any business to prosper, excellent communication is key. In the modern world, phone communication has taken over in many business environments – it’s the wave of the future. It is not enough to just have a good communication strategy … Continue reading

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Why Should We Choose a VoIP Service Provider for Our Business Telephone?

Many Business ventures spend millions of dollars on telephone services annually – it’s a major overhead cost to consider when starting or continuing a company. This expense can be mitigated through VoIP Service. VoIP Service providers bring good tidings for … Continue reading

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Exploring the Features of Digital Phone Systems

Digital Phone systems offer a brand new way for office staff to communicate, as they have more secure, proprietary and quality internet connections delivering a full-featured and powerful business-class phone system without hassle. At DSM Telecom, we are proud to … Continue reading

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VoIP Telephone Services Bring Freedom to Atlantic Canadian Businesses

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Canadian businesses were landlocked. Landline phone systems ruled the roost, and no one ever so much as questioned that there could ever be a change on the horizon. Fast forward a few … Continue reading

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Understanding the Best Hardware for VoIP Phone Communication

Ready to cut the cords…the landline cords, that is? You may have heard that VoIP phone communication is to business as The Beatles were to rock – and that’s not all wrong. This new method for voice communications is pretty … Continue reading

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Find Out Why Digital Phone Is the Best Solution for Business

If you are a manager or business owner and you’re on the hunt for the best telecommunications system for your operation, you may want to explore what we think is the best solution for business. It’s the digital phone and … Continue reading

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Understanding the Simplicity of Online Business Meetings

The rate at which technology is progressing is pretty astounding, isn’t it? Back in the late 90’s, most of us were just getting familiar with dial-up internet. Today, many of us work remotely, socialize online and shop via our phones. … Continue reading

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How VoIP Can Benefit Small Business

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is here to stay: it’s revolutionized the way businesses connect and stay connected. What is it? In brief, it’s a cost-effective approach to communications that takes everything from phone calls to data access to … Continue reading

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